Numerous studies have shown that fit and healthy young people achieve the best results across the curriculum. Sport and physical activity helps teach us to rise to challenges and work both independently and cooperatively.

Our aim is to engage students in a healthy and active lifestyle in a range of sports and activities so that these skills are developed and a lifelong exercise habit is embraced.

Students are given the opportunity to develop as performers, sports leaders and officials. In addition to local fixtures we have many athletes performing outside of school in a range of sports at all levels of representation including county, regional and national standards.

An extensive extra-curricular programme is available to all students both at lunch and after school. These clubs range from recreational fun to competitive leagues and tournaments.

Previous sports college funding secured our excellent facilities with access to an amazing sports centre and our own multi purpose performance enhancement centre (PEC).

To complement our core PE programme we offer BTEC Sport for both Year 10 and Year 11.


Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 PE lessons, students develop their physical fitness, skills and techniques in a number of activities. Students experience traditional invasion sports like Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball as well as individual challenges like Swimming, Athletics, Tennis & Badminton. Students will acquire a toolkit of skills which can be selected to improve performance and overcome opposition, as well as evaluating themselves and others. Students are assessed on their physical, social and analytical skills across KS3.

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Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11 students follow a more personalised programme with pathways suited to the competiveness of the individual and the group they are in. Alternative sports such as Kinball and Handball are introduced, as well as greater opportunities to access the fitness suite are offered to broaden students’ experience.

During core PE lessons students build upon their toolkit of knowledge, skills and understanding developed at Key Stage 3 and apply them to more demanding situations. At Year 11 students earn the right to have the option to select activities that are of most interest to them to further personalise their learning and get the most out of the lessons.

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PE Specification – BTEC First in Sport

Unit 1: Fitness for Sport and Exercise (Externally assessed by an online exam)

Unit 2: Practical Performance In Sport

Unit 3: Applying the principles of personal training

Unit 6: Leading Sports activities

Students will be assessed by coursework (75%) in the form of computer written assignments.  The other 25% is made up of an external assessment in the form of an on screen test.

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