Overall Results

We are currently in the top five for most improved schools in Somerset based on progress of students.  The following subjects in the top six in Somerset Geography (1st), History (joint 2nd), Art (3rd), Physical Education (4th), French (4th), Combined Science (4th) and English Language (6th)*.

Almost all the subjects are now following the new 9-1 grading system, which certainly gave our students an added challenge, which they rose to.  One student, Gabriel Nitecki achieved, on average 2, grades above his predicted grades which is outstanding.  Other successes to mention are:

Sam Hilton-Jones: 10 GCSE’s including 3 9’s, 3 8’s, and Freestanding Maths Qualification, Daniel Chapman: 10 GCSE’s including 2 9’s & 3 8’s: Lauren Ebdon: 10 GCSE’s including 5 8’s: Georgia James 10 GCSE’s including 2 8’s

Headteacher Jim Gower said “I am incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and want to thank staff for all their dedication and support to ensure King Arthur’s students reach their full potential. Their hard work and results will enable them to move on successfully and confidently with the next stage of their education”.

Examination Report 2018

Progress 8 at GCSE
The main method by which the government now assesses schools is via the Progress 8 measure. The measure counts a student’s best 8 results with Maths and English (the better of a student’s Language and Literature grades) being double-weighted.

Progress 8 is a measure of value added i.e. it compares how students achieved at the end of Year 11 compared to the results from primary school that they entered King Arthurs Community School with.

The measure for King Arthurs Community School came out is -0.03 which in also the average for state-maintained schools. This is a dramatic increase from the 2017 score of -0.35, and 2016 of -0.25.

In term of groups of students King Arthurs Community School achieved Progress 8 scores of +0.67 for students with low prior attainment, -0.30 for students with middle prior attainment and -0.09 for students with high prior attainment.

A score of +0.67 for the students with lower prior attainment means that, on average, student achieve 67% of a grade more highly at King Arthur’s Community School than they would in a school performing at the national average.

Other subjects at GCSE
It was a great year for many of our subjects with significant improvements in English and French, with exceptional results in Art, Photography, Geography, History, Physics, Combined Science and Sports Studies.


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