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King Arthur’s School is an 11-16 school in the historic Somerset town of Wincanton. We serve the local community across the area including surrounding villages in Dorset and Somerset. The school is now part of the Sherborne Area Schools’ Trust (SAST) and together we are working to deliver excellent education to all.

We are a small secondary school and this helps us to develop a special family atmosphere within our school community, where every student feels valued and cared for. Every child really does matter and all children are known by all staff. Students thrive and succeed in our positive, caring and respectful environment.

Our special culture and ethos focus on high achievement both personally and academically. We want all students to be the best that they can be in respect of their academic achievement and personal growth but also develop a strong sense of belonging to our school community by contributing significantly to it as well as benefitting from it.

Our goal is to see every student succeed within our school community. We aim to support and nurture students to develop confidence and resilience through a wide range of learning and enrichment activities, both in the classroom and in sport, music and the arts.  We constantly emphasise high expectations and remind students that there are no limits to what they can achieve if they have the right mindset.

We believe firmly in opportunity and achievement for all and we are proud to provide an education that aims to equip all students with the confidence, competence, knowledge, skills and understanding to fit easily and actively into a rapidly changing society.

Mrs Jen Jacklin, Headteacher


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