Welcome to our Home Learning page. Throughout the year, you will find that we add to this page and also our Google Classroom (see the document below, which explains how to access this resource). We will show our students how to make best use of this facility to find revision materials and also guides to help them get the best out of revision.

Please see below the information that was shared on the Revision Evening at our second Parent Forum. There is a whole host of information to help our students understand how we learn best, how to revise and deploy revision tactics, and also how to set up an effective revision timetable.

Access_online_revision – Guide

Intranet link – Sign into the Intranet using your School username and password. Example; 1706j.bloggs (not your email address)

Parent Forum 2 Yr 11 revision



Revision Guide – History Around Us Stasi Prison

Crime – Norman Revision Guide

History – America and Germany OCR Revision Guide