Key Topics

Year 7 – Colour theory, African Art, portraits, Pop Art, figure drawing and 3D sculpture.

Year 8 – Natural form, alternative drawing techniques, Hundertwasser architecture and art from different cultures.

Year 9 – Mixed media, cultural artists, text art, portraits and distortion

Important Skills in this subject

A variety of technical skills and knowledge, analysing, investigating, creating, applying and evaluating.

The autumn term in Year 7 is focussed on learning the basics to build upon over the year and in future years. They will start with a drawing test to assess ability, knowledge and skills learnt in their previous school. Students will then develop their painting and knowledge of colour theory which is essential in their art lessons throughout their time at King Arthur’s.

The project outline is a basic guide and will be differentiated to best suit each class.


Students will be set one half hour homework task every half term; the subject will run alongside lessons but will incorporate different artists and techniques. It would be helpful to have basic equipment at home for students to complete the work however they will have access to equipment and advice at school if needed.

GCSE Art and Design

  • Students will produce units of coursework using various Themes, Artists inspiration or other chosen starting points to investigate, explore and use to inspire their own responses and artwork.
  • Students will learn a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage & digital image manipulation to effectively create artwork.
  • Students will learn how to use a wide range of materials and media and will develop the ability to be freely creative with any art materials they use to produce individual artwork.
  • The students study the work of artists & designers from a variety of cultures and genres as well as making their own personal observations and interpretations.

Homework expectations

Homework involves individual research into a specific topic or the continuation of studies. Homework should take an hour or more each week. Students would be at an advantage if they have a basic range of art equipment at home.


  • Portfolio of Work completed by December of Year 11 – 60% of overall GCSE mark
  • Controlled Test completed between March-May of Year 11 – 40% of overall GCSE mark.


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