The Importance of Good Attendance:

Research shows that there is a direct link between good attendance and achievement in school. Poor attendance can have a direct effect on a student’s attainment and their future life chances.

For example, 90% attendance might sound quite acceptable but what that means in reality is……

  • On average half a day’s school missed every week. (Would an employer think this is an acceptable rate of attendance?)
  •  This would also mean in one year 4 whole weeks of schooling missed.
  • In 5 years it would mean half of a school year missed.
  • And could result in a GCSE grade drop in attainment in each subject.

Habits of poor attendance and lateness in school are often repeated in working life which is why employers do ask the school for such information as part of references.

Reporting Pupil Absence

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alternatively email:

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