Music is taught in 3 half term units each year:

Year 7

Project 1      Singing and playing rhythms for a performance of an African song This unit aims to improve students confidence in singing and accuracy when playing rhythms.

Project 2      Learning to play melodies on the keyboard and compose a short piece on Garage Band. Students learn keyboard skills and computer skills to improve performance and composition.

Project 3      Taiko drumming and Major scales. The art to Taiko drumming will be taught and used to enhance performance and composition and then students will study the Major scale and use scales to compose.

Year 8

Project 1      Class ensemble performance and pentatonic scales. The class will record an ensemble performance of a popular song. They will then study Pentatonic scales and create melodies using a pentatonic scale.

Project 2      Taiko drumming and British Folk music. Students continue to study the art of Taiko, developing performance skills. We also study British folk music aiming to perform some famous pieces.

Project 3      Ternary Form. Students compose a piece of music in Ternary form.

Year 9

Project 1      Taiko and Group performances of popular songs. Taiko sessions focusing on technique and composing their own pieces. Student will also work in groups to perform their own version of a popular song.

Project 2      The 12 bar Blues. A study of the history and traditions of the 12 bar Blues ending in a Blues composition.

Project 3      Stage music. A look at the history of opera and musicals and performing famous melodies from shows.

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