Parent Survey

Following the school closure on the 20th March, as a society we have faced many challenges and experienced the unknown for a significant amount of time. Throughout this time, our students’ resilience and perseverance has been inspiring.  We’re really proud to say that our students at King Arthur’s School have adapted remarkably well to the educational adjustments.

The school has needed to shape our educational provision and tailor this to the individual needs of all students in accordance with government guidelines. Some provisions have included ongoing schooling for key worker children and, for most, Google Classroom has provided an enriching blend of exciting lessons and feedback for children to continue their studies. This has been supported by every child having a weekly planner. All children have been receiving a form of communication from either their tutor, class teacher or member of the support staff team. Year 9 and 10 students have experienced live lessons where they have had the opportunity to engage and interact with class specialists. Some children have received additional resources to support them such as computers or paper copies where technology has been a barrier to accessing learning. We have also had a high proportion of students engaging with various other online resources that the school has directed such as GCSE Pod and Literacy/Numeracy interventions. Lastly, many children have received specialist 1-1 support or group intervention either by phone, using Microsoft Teams or continuing using external providers such as Ryland Farm and the Reach provision.

We would really appreciate every family completing this survey as we continue to look at ways where we can improve our provision. Lastly, thank you for your efforts in supporting the education of your child.

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