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The Longest Day – June 21st

Many children experience separation from a parent either through work or family circumstances.  For children with a parent serving in the Royal Navy these separations are very much a part of their lives – a parent can be deployed – working away from home on a ship or posted overseas for up to 9 months at a time.  When you are young time can seem to stretch on endlessly and so these separations can feel like they go on forever.

On THE LONGEST DAY of the year, June 21st, we would like to bring attention to these separations experienced by children and raise awareness of the work and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund does to help our children and families.

All students have been tasked to create a picture on the theme ‘Shadow & Light’ as homework. Pictures should be no larger than A3. Best pieces across the year groups will be sent off to The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s  Fund who runs  this competition. Can students please ensure that their pieces are handed in before Tuesday 23rd April.

If students have any questions or require any special materials please see Mrs Mesarova.

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