Results 2016

King Arthur’s saw a further improvement in students achieving the benchmark of 5+ A*C with English and Maths this year and celebrated with all of those students who now move on to their next steps in education and employment.

Progress 8 measure -0.24*
5A*C with English and Maths 51%
5A*G 97%
Students entered for EBACC 38%
EBACC Pass rate (of entries) 37%
English 3+ levels of progress 65%
Maths 3+ levels of progress 63%
Average capped point score 302
Attainment 8 Score 46.51

* Please note that we are currently disputing this measure with the Department for Education

There were some fantastic individual stories and achievements

Alicia Theissen 11A*A/A grades 12 A*C grades

Jordan Hunt 11A*A grades

Jack Wilkins 8 A*A grades 11 A*C grades

Bruno Austin 8A*A grades 11 A*C grades

Iona Donavan 6A*A grades 11 A*C grades

Georgia Green 6A*A grades 10 A*C grades

Jack Hilton Jones 6A*A grades 9 A*C grades

Caitlin Hawkin 5A*A grades 11 A*C grades

Katy Furlong A*A grades 11 A*C grades

Alice Wakelam 4 A*A grades 10 A*C grades

Chelsea Judd 4A*A grades 9 A*C grades

Eli Crew all 4 A*A grades 11 A*C grades