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Pupil Premium Spending

Pupil premium funding is provided by the Department for Education to support students whose economic circumstances may make them vulnerable to social and academic progress. There is also a smaller level of funding to support children of military service parents.

At King Arthur’s School we believe that all students should be supported to achieve to their potential but have a particular responsibility to support those who may be disadvantaged for a variety of reasons. Our vision and goal is to help social mobility and reduce social inequalities by using the pupil premium funding to:

  •         Help identified students achieve levels of progress and attainment in line with other students from similar academic starting points nationally
  •         Provide interventions and supports which evidence suggests have the greatest impact in supporting these students
  •         Enable as many students as possible to benefit from the resourcing made available whilst targeting those whose needs are greatest
  •         Have sufficient flexibility to: respond to more urgent student needs, resource those activities that have the greatest impact and remove funding from activities that do not have sufficient impact

The school has undertaken a pupil premium review using DfE guidelines and the Pupil Premium Spend is reviewed by Governors.