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Bullying happens when a person or group of people cause you to feel unhappy through their actions, whether it is “leaving you out,” name calling, threats, hiding or stealing things or even physical abuse. People of all ages and in all cultures either bully or are victims of bullying (or both).

At King Arthur’s School we have a bullying policy, we know that feeling bullied can be very distressing and harmful. We also know that those who bully others are often hurt and unhappy people themselves.

The NSPCC¬† describe bullying as…

there is an intention to harm e.g. a person teasing another with the intention of deliberately upsetting them

  1. there is a harmful outcome: a person or persons are hurt emotionally or physically
  2. the act can be direct or indirect e.g. it could involve direct aggression such as kicking someone or it could be an indirect act such as spreading rumours via Facebook
  3. there is usually repetition from the perpetrator. However, for vulnerable students in the school community, who may experience bullying, the repetition may be the repeat of the act by several individuals or groups of people
  4. there is unequal power. A person or several persons who are (perceived as) more powerful due to, for example, their age or physical strength or size will abuse their power by bullying.

So…what can you do?

It is really important that you talk and continue to talk about your worries, with friends and parents but especially with staff. You may be afraid of telling people because it might get worse but we are certain that it is better to talk to someone. It is also really important to report bullying if you see it happening and show your support to anyone who might be a victim.

Have a look at our Anti Bullying leaflet (there are copies in reception and in the library) and do look at the Childline website – they have trained people available to support you too.