Students at King Arthur’s are assessed in core subjects every six weeks. We monitor the progress of students and share updates with Parents / Carers through our reports. Assessment in schools has gone through a great deal of change over recent years and we are still going through a period of change now. Our school Youtube Channel has videos to help you understand the language of our reports.

In September 2016 year groups will use the following for assessment:

Year 7 – “Can Do” Statements linked to age related expectations. As a school we moderate these expectations through our discussions with local schools and through our membership with PiXL (Partners in Excellence)

Year 8+9 – Level descriptors

Year 10+11 – In some subjects GCSE examinations are now graded 1-9 (9 being the highest), in other subjects the GCSE still uses grades A*G.

If you have any questions regarding assessment data or your child’s progress it is important to contact your child’s tutor, subject teacher or Key Stage Coordinator.